Weekly Fig is able to provide our members with gorgeous and tasty mushrooms, thanks to 2 Angels Mushroom Farm, located in Harrison, TN. This company started with two avid hikers with an interest in foraging wild mushrooms. This interest grew into an official business in 2013. They now grow over 13 varieties of gourmet mushrooms with a wide range of flavors and textures.

What sets them apart?

2 Angels focuses on specialty mushrooms that you most likely won’t find in grocery stores. Their mushrooms aren’t sprayed with any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. Since the mushrooms are grown locally and naturally, they are fresher and more nutritious. Mushrooms have numerous benefits, just as Angel Miller explains, “Many people are surprised to find that we grow medicinal mushrooms because they have never considered that mushrooms have medicinal properties.” They are low in calories, yet have more than twelve vitamins and minerals in addition to unique antioxidants. They are also a good plant based protein source. Because these nutritious foods are grown right in Chattanooga’s backyard, you are able to get the optimum benefits. 

True Chattanoogans

2 Angels Mushroom Farm loves Chattanooga because of the amazing people and the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Angel continues, “Because Chattanoogans support local food with their dollar, whether shopping at local farmers markets every week, selecting restaurants that feature local food, or joining Weekly Fig, those choices make small family farms a viable option for families like us.” 


2 Angels Mushroom Farm


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