Weekly Fig is a 1st and 14th Amendment Private Membership Association that was created because as we learned about nutrient dense foods, we realized we cannot trust the conventional wisdom or government labeling. We decided we needed to get back to the wisdom of our ancestors meaning consuming foods in their most natural state, with the least amount of processing but of the highest quality. This means animals are on pasture, free to roam under the sun getting exercise or engaging in their natural behaviors. They do not consume genetically modified foods, eat their most natural diet, without antibiotics or hormones.  It is our natural God given right to seek foods we deem healthy from direct sources we choose. It is our right to have food choices and not be mandated by government to ingest food that contradict our beliefs to eat foods the way we believe our Creator intended them.

If you have the same interests and desires on your food choices, we invite you to join our private membership association where we have vetted farmers and practices that we believe are acceptable and sustainably.

Like many of you, we have been on a journey to live and eat more healthy.  Our journey started with our need to know where our food came from, who was growing it and how it was raised. We connected with the bounty of local farmers around Chattanooga to witness firsthand their growing practices. We saw animals roaming free, enjoying sunshine and grass beneath their feet, as our Creator intended. We grew to realize how important it is to support local farms for the overall strength of our economy, as well as to the health of our families.

While we enjoy the weekly Chattanooga farmers market experience, it was often inconveniently timed with naps, thick traffic, family, school, and church activities. We chose to support a local farm through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). But even this option presented the challenge of pick up, and coordination of delivery times. All the while with 3 small children (each!) in tow. Seeking out nutrient dense, pastured, organic, truly healthy foods was a full time job and we wanted to share our knowledge. Hence, we created Weekly Fig.

We at Weekly Fig are passionate about sourcing local, delicious produce that’s free of herbicides and pesticides. We are passionate about promoting sustainable farming that preserves the Earth. We work with some of the best sustainable family farms and producers around the Chattanooga area—folks we know and trust—to bring wholesome, healthy, food to your table every day.

Michele Reneau, Nate and Anju Wilson