As the name implies, Ada’s Heritage Eggs and Farm believes in farming the way nature intended–without the use of hybrids, GMOs, and chemicals. It all began when Lauren Lefever, owner of the farm, became more aware of how the quality of our food affects our health.

Letting Nature Do Its Job

Even in the United States, the soil most of our conventional crops are grown in is depleted from many essential nutrients because of unsustainable practices. Lauren believes in regenerative farming practices and letting nature do its thing. She explains, “The earth makes a great dancing partner, but she likes to lead, and the dance is always so much more beautiful when she does.” Lauren decided to turn her family farm into her full time job in order to share her passion for nutritious food with others. 

Making an Impact

It’s important to Lauren that people prioritize supporting small family farmers that grow top quality produce and livestock. She says, “We need to rally behind those of us that are attempting to give our communities the nourishment we all need.” Her hens have access to five acres of pasture every day of the year and are fed non-GMO, soy-free pellets and grains. Supporting people like Lauren gives us access to nutritious foods and allows local families to continue doing what they do best.