“Why buy the best vegetables and meats, then season them with lifeless, salt-ridden spice powders?” This is the question that the owners of Alchemy Spice Company asked themselves. Their answer was to create fresh, all natural, high quality spices right here in Chattanooga. They offer 24 different spice blends which are mostly sugar free, and 5 blends that are completely salt free. All of their spices are free from preservatives, flavor enhancers, MSG, soy, gluten, and dairy. 

Revolutionizing the Spice Aisle

The Alchemy Spice Company believes in micro-batch production which means none of their spices are mass produced and left on a shelf until delivery. Each shipment is made to order, so when you buy their spices, they are guaranteed to be no older than two weeks. It’s no secret that freshly ground spices have the best flavor. Did you know that some of the spices people settle for in grocery stores may be up to five years old? At Alchemy, they buy whole spices and grind them shortly before packaging and shipping to ensure freshness.

Thankfully, in Chattanooga there is a huge market for small batch, local items like Alchemy’s spices. Ben Gordon says, “There are a lot of local businesses willing to work with local farmers/producers to get local products.” Our community embraces small businesses and supports one another in order to let these businesses thrive. 


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