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Partner Spotlight: Bluff View Art District Bakery

The Bluff View Art District Bakery is located in the historic Bluff View district near the Hunter Art Museum. It’s the definition of Chattanooga–historic, down to earth, and all about supporting small business. Andre Charitat, marketing manager for the Bluff View Art District says his favorite thing about Chattanooga is the sense of community that chooses to support local.

How It Started

The bakery was born out of necessity. Restaurants in the district needed a company to supply their bread, so they built their own. Now, the Art District Bakery supplies Tony’s famous garlic bread and sandwich bread for Rembrandt’s and the Back Inn Cafe.

Fresh is Bestbluff view bakery rack

Workers at the bakery arrive early in the morning each day to prepare the bread, so it is always fresh. They use quality ingredients, some of which come from their own garden. The rosemary olive oil bread calls for fresh picked rosemary sprigs. Since they make their bread every day, all of their products are free of preservatives or fillers, and that’s difficult to find in your average grocery store. The bakery has large viewing windows so customers can always see what’s going on in the kitchen.

Commitment to Sustainability

All of the food scraps and egg cartons from the bakery go into the compost pile in the garden. They use the compost to fertilize whatever they’re growing, which ranges from kale to green onions to herbs. They support local businesses as much as possible, so their products never have to travel far.

bluff view bakery garden

You can visit the Bluff View Bakery every day from 12 pm – 5 pm.

Or you can purchase their products on our website.



Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods. 

Partner Spotlight: Kai Energy Bar

Most conventional energy bars are filled with artificial flavors, preservatives, and GMO ingredients. Their packaging may trick you into believing these bars are healthy, but in reality they are full of junk. That’s why the Kai Energy Bar was created by Jonathon Pinney. It combines taste and nutrition in a way that doesn’t make you question what you’re eating. 

The Beginning

Jonathon was tired of what energy bars were being offered in stores, so he created his own. After sharing his recipe with family and friends, they encouraged him to set up a booth at the Chattanooga Market. His business has blossomed from there with his products now in Nashville, Knoxville, Cleveland, Mont Eagle, and Clarksville. Despite the growth, Kai bars are still hand crafted right here in Chattanooga. 

Their Promise

“We believe in using wholesome ingredients you recognize and can pronounce.” These ingredients include chia seeds, peanut butter, crisped rice, rolled oats, raisins, and more. They have no added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, or preservatives, yet still have a shelf life of six months. They truly are a healthy and delicious pick me up whenever you need it!

ascent kai bar

Get your Kai Bars through our website here, our learn more on their official website


Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods. 

Partner Spotlight: Mama Crunk’s Pies

“Mama Crunk” is actually Christine “Crunk” Nguyen, former chef. After becoming burnt-out from the restaurant business and having a baby in 2015, Mama Crunk rekindled her passion for baking pies. Now, her passion has turned into her own business. 

The Woman Behind the Pies

Christine loves the “warmth and comfort that pies evoke.” She says it is no doubt a comfort food to eat, but comfort also comes from making it. The process of rolling out the dough and arranging a lattice is like therapy. Creating unique, seasonal flavors for this classic American dessert is also something she loves. As for her nickname, “Crunk” was given to her in college because she was always the life of the party, and her food was no different. 

The Ingredients Behind the Pies

Every pie is made by hand and from scratch. The fillings aren’t canned or pre-made, and she uses local ingredients whenever possible. Her pies are famous for the all-butter crust made with grass-fed butter. You can truly taste the quality in Mama Crunk’s pies!

mama crunks pecan pie

See which pies are available now through our website here.

Visit Mama Crunk’s official website here


Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods. 


Partner Spotlight: Oliver Farm Artisan Oils

Oliver Farm Artisan Oils grew out of the fuel crisis not too long ago. As fuel prices rose, people searched for alternative sources. Clay Oliver was one of those people. As he did research and visited oil plants, he realized that he didn’t find a solution to the fuel crisis, but he did find a new passion. The oils may be fairly new, but the farm has been in the family since 1903 in Pitts, Georgia. Some of the original buildings are still standing and operating today. 

A Different Way of Extracting

The discovery of this passion led to the discovery of a new process for Clay. Cold pressing maintains the nutrients in the oil without using  high temperatures or chemicals to remove it. This method of production is what sets Oliver Farms apart from typical oil companies. Their oils are also non-GMO because they source organic and local ingredients to extract from. One of the first oils they ever made was from sunflowers grown right on the farm. Now, they offer a wide variety of different oils you can choose from.

oliver farms sunflowers


Oliver Farms also offers ground gluten-free flours. The flours are ground on site using leftover nuts and seeds from the extraction process. All of the flours are high protein and naturally gluten free. 


See which oils and flours Weekly Fig sells here


Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods. 

Partner Spotlight: Katharos Farm

Katharos Farm began in 2015 just outside of Nashville with the idea of going beyond organic. These farmers believe in more than just not using certain chemicals. In fact, they don’t use any at all. Their animals are 100% pasture raised which produces rich soil for grass to grow in and feed the animals again. This cycle creates a wonderful ecosystem that mimics nature, which is the whole point of Katharos Farm.  


Since they are a family owned farm, Katharos has strong values that they stand behind. They believe in purity, stewardship, and transparency. Pure is not using any chemicals. Stewardship is following nature’s path. Transparency is being honest with their customers. This way of farming costs more, takes more time, and requires more work, but to them there is no other way. At Katharos, “Our animals eat better than we do!”

Katharos Farm maintains standards even higher than USDA Organic which is not only better for the animals, the environment but YOU. 

Click on photo to read more about their Ethos.

View Katharos Farm products on our website here

Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods. 

Partner Spotlight: Ada’s Heritage Eggs & Farm

As the name implies, Ada’s Heritage Eggs and Farm believes in farming the way nature intended–without the use of hybrids, GMOs, and chemicals. It all began when Lauren Lefever, owner of the farm, became more aware of how the quality of our food affects our health.

Letting Nature Do Its Job

Even in the United States, the soil most of our conventional crops are grown in is depleted from many essential nutrients because of unsustainable practices. Lauren believes in regenerative farming practices and letting nature do its thing. She explains, “The earth makes a great dancing partner, but she likes to lead, and the dance is always so much more beautiful when she does.” Lauren decided to turn her family farm into her full time job in order to share her passion for nutritious food with others. 

Making an Impact

It’s important to Lauren that people prioritize supporting small family farmers that grow top quality produce and livestock. She says, “We need to rally behind those of us that are attempting to give our communities the nourishment we all need.” Her hens have access to five acres of pasture every day of the year and are fed non-GMO, soy-free pellets and grains. Supporting people like Lauren gives us access to nutritious foods and allows local families to continue doing what they do best. 

Partner Spotlight: Alchemy Spice Company

“Why buy the best vegetables and meats, then season them with lifeless, salt-ridden spice powders?” This is the question that the owners of Alchemy Spice Company asked themselves. Their answer was to create fresh, all natural, high quality spices right here in Chattanooga. They offer 24 different spice blends which are mostly sugar free, and 5 blends that are completely salt free. All of their spices are free from preservatives, flavor enhancers, MSG, soy, gluten, and dairy. 

Revolutionizing the Spice Aisle

The Alchemy Spice Company believes in micro-batch production which means none of their spices are mass produced and left on a shelf until delivery. Each shipment is made to order, so when you buy their spices, they are guaranteed to be no older than two weeks. It’s no secret that freshly ground spices have the best flavor. Did you know that some of the spices people settle for in grocery stores may be up to five years old? At Alchemy, they buy whole spices and grind them shortly before packaging and shipping to ensure freshness.

Thankfully, in Chattanooga there is a huge market for small batch, local items like Alchemy’s spices. Ben Gordon says, “There are a lot of local businesses willing to work with local farmers/producers to get local products.” Our community embraces small businesses and supports one another in order to let these businesses thrive. 


See which spice blends Weekly Fig carries here

Visit The Alchemy Spice Company’s website.


Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods. 


Partner Spotlight: 2 Angels Mushroom Farm

Weekly Fig is able to provide our members with gorgeous and tasty mushrooms, thanks to 2 Angels Mushroom Farm, located in Harrison, TN. This company started with two avid hikers with an interest in foraging wild mushrooms. This interest grew into an official business in 2013. They now grow over 13 varieties of gourmet mushrooms with a wide range of flavors and textures.

What sets them apart?

2 Angels focuses on specialty mushrooms that you most likely won’t find in grocery stores. Their mushrooms aren’t sprayed with any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. Since the mushrooms are grown locally and naturally, they are fresher and more nutritious. Mushrooms have numerous benefits, just as Angel Miller explains, “Many people are surprised to find that we grow medicinal mushrooms because they have never considered that mushrooms have medicinal properties.” They are low in calories, yet have more than twelve vitamins and minerals in addition to unique antioxidants. They are also a good plant based protein source. Because these nutritious foods are grown right in Chattanooga’s backyard, you are able to get the optimum benefits. 

True Chattanoogans

2 Angels Mushroom Farm loves Chattanooga because of the amazing people and the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Angel continues, “Because Chattanoogans support local food with their dollar, whether shopping at local farmers markets every week, selecting restaurants that feature local food, or joining Weekly Fig, those choices make small family farms a viable option for families like us.” 


2 Angels Mushroom Farm


Read our Vegucation article on oyster mushrooms here

Visit the 2 Angels Mushroom Farm website


Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods. 

What a Great Event!

What an incredible day with beautiful clear skies as we joined together in Athens, TN for this once in a lifetime total solar eclipse so close to home.  Thank you for being part of this special day! Everything was truly magical and unforgettable, from the gorgeous farm venue to the delicious food catered by Your Mystic Delights to the glorious display in the sky.


Here’s a note from our farm partner and venue host, Charles Mayfield. 

Mayfield Pastures was honored to host our eclipse event with Weekly Fig. It was a mesmerizing day and quite a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet some of you and show you around our farm. We wanted to take a moment to thank you and tell you a bit more about what we are doing and why your membership in the Weekly Fig is so critical to our mission.

Mayfield Pastures started as a micro-farming enterprise with the goal of feeding our family the best possible food we could grow. This quickly grew into the realization that if we’re going to take the time, energy and effort to grow a little food, we might as well grow a little more for people that are interested. Mayfield Pastures began in late Fall of 2016 with a test batch of broilers, layers and pigs. Fast forward to today and we have our third batch of broilers in the brooder, holiday turkeys in the pasture, forty laying hens, twenty pigs and twelve cows. We employ many of the practices of regenerative agricultural leaders like Joel Salatin and Will Harris.

With that being said, Mayfield Pastures is still in its infancy, and much of our focus is on animal management, ecological study and continuing to learn these management practices. With so much care and time spent on the animals and land, little time is left for marketing and delivery. The animals, weather, and various maladies that present themselves in farming need constant attention. If we are continue to put soil, animal health and learning our systems at the top of our to-do list, then finding customers has had to fall to the bottom of our list.

In late Spring of 2017, we were introduced to Weekly Fig by one of our biggest supporters from Atlanta through the Weston A Price Foundation. Our partnership with them has proved to be invaluable as we continue to manage our farm. As you know, without a sale…there is no business. Bringing our incredible eggs, poultry, pork, and ‘soon to be’ beef to Weekly Fig has given this farming project the ability to focus on doing things right. Your patronage and interest in local, healthy food that puts more back into the land than it takes away is how we are able to do what we do. THANK YOU!

We are presently preparing for 2018 and need your help. Please continue your patronage of the Weekly Fig. Spread the word. Invite your friends and neighbors over for a home cooked meal made with local ingredients. Take a few hours on a weekend and come see our farm. Come see what your loyalty is doing to caress our land and create a sustainable food model for generations to come. We welcome you with open arms and hope that you’ll continue to nurture your family with the very best food our community has to offer.

Charles Mayfield
Mayfield Pastures

Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods.

Meet the Farmer: Tucker Farms

Meet the farmers that supply the produce in your Fig box!

About Tucker Farms

Tucker Farms is located in Rome, Georgia. They do most of their business with restaurants that support a seed-to-table philosophy in the Atlanta and Chattanooga area. Tucker Farms specializes in lettuce varieties, greens, and herbs that the grow in their hydroponic greenhouse year-round. They also grow some seasonal garden vegetables. 

Their Mission

Tucker Farms strives to “grow responsibly, treat the earth kindly, and provide [their] customers with safe, healthy, and delicious food.” They use sustainable growing methods to preserve the farm’s ecosystem. 

The History of Tucker Farms

Craig Tucker and his wife Kikki own and run the farm. They are both from the Rome and Calhoun area. Craig began farming in 2007, after working in the Construction Management field. His wife Kikki joined the farm full-time in 2015. Starting out, Tucker rented farmland in Calhoun but eventually moved the farm to its permanent location in Rome. 

Learn more about Tucker Farms at https://tuckerfarmsga.com


Weekly Fig is a private membership for local sustainable foods. 

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