Contributed by Emily Harmon

So, let’s talk New Year’s resolutions.

Every year do you feel like, “I’m SERIOUS about my resolutions, but this year I’m for real. OBEDIENCE. To finances, to my health, to sticking to a routine.”

Here’s the deal: Weekly Fig has partnered with FIT4MOM’s results-based program Body Back to give YOU an opportunity to crush those New Year’s resolutions.

Let me backup for a minute and say…it isn’t just about a resolution, this is a lifestyle change… for YOU and only you.

It starts with an 8 week program where you will be partnered with other super cool ladies who have the same goals as you. You will have coaches to hold you accountable and push you to meet your goals. You will have meal plans and assessments before and after the 8 week program. By taking advantage of your special F4M-WeeklyFig membership, you can have fresh veggies delivered to you from Weekly Fig that match the menu plan (cooking made easy!).

We all know.. it’s not just working out that creates the results. What you fuel your body with is just as important. Weekly Fig connects perfectly with the nutrition portion of each 8-week Body Back session.  The coaches encourage YOU to eat fresh, nutrient dense foods in their nutrition guide.  The fact that Weekly Fig delivers these foods to your door helps your accountability skyrocket.  By cutting out travel to different stores to collect wholesome foods, Weekly Fig sets you up for a greater chance of success!

Shana has been a Weekly Fig member since 2016. She is an avid and active Fit4Mom participant.  Her before and after picture is only 4 months between photos but she is 40lbs lighter, 2 sizes smaller and so much healthier. Way to go Shana! We are so proud of you! 

Weekly Fig’s partnership with Fit4Mom brings you a special promotion. You will receive:

  • 8 weeks of guided nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, where you will develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle that will impact YOUR entire family
  • Body Back is where inspiration meets transformation: body, mind and soul
  • Body Back workouts are high-intensity, FULL-body workouts  (two/week)
  • Body Back is solely about You and Your time ALONE  (location/time vary)
  • You will have the support of other women building you up and holding you accountable to YOU, for a lifetime
  • Watch a video here to learn more: The Magic of Body Back Video

Simply create an account Fit 4 Mom Registration, use code WEEKLYFIGBBJAN18 to receive $40 off.

Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods.