Katharos Farm began in 2015 just outside of Nashville with the idea of going beyond organic. These farmers believe in more than just not using certain chemicals. In fact, they don’t use any at all. Their animals are 100% pasture raised which produces rich soil for grass to grow in and feed the animals again. This cycle creates a wonderful ecosystem that mimics nature, which is the whole point of Katharos Farm.  


Since they are a family owned farm, Katharos has strong values that they stand behind. They believe in purity, stewardship, and transparency. Pure is not using any chemicals. Stewardship is following nature’s path. Transparency is being honest with their customers. This way of farming costs more, takes more time, and requires more work, but to them there is no other way. At Katharos, “Our animals eat better than we do!”

Katharos Farm maintains standards even higher than USDA Organic which is not only better for the animals, the environment but YOU. 

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