“Mama Crunk” is actually Christine “Crunk” Nguyen, former chef. After becoming burnt-out from the restaurant business and having a baby in 2015, Mama Crunk rekindled her passion for baking pies. Now, her passion has turned into her own business. 

The Woman Behind the Pies

Christine loves the “warmth and comfort that pies evoke.” She says it is no doubt a comfort food to eat, but comfort also comes from making it. The process of rolling out the dough and arranging a lattice is like therapy. Creating unique, seasonal flavors for this classic American dessert is also something she loves. As for her nickname, “Crunk” was given to her in college because she was always the life of the party, and her food was no different. 

The Ingredients Behind the Pies

Every pie is made by hand and from scratch. The fillings aren’t canned or pre-made, and she uses local ingredients whenever possible. Her pies are famous for the all-butter crust made with grass-fed butter. You can truly taste the quality in Mama Crunk’s pies!

mama crunks pecan pie

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