Oliver Farm Artisan Oils grew out of the fuel crisis not too long ago. As fuel prices rose, people searched for alternative sources. Clay Oliver was one of those people. As he did research and visited oil plants, he realized that he didn’t find a solution to the fuel crisis, but he did find a new passion. The oils may be fairly new, but the farm has been in the family since 1903 in Pitts, Georgia. Some of the original buildings are still standing and operating today. 

A Different Way of Extracting

The discovery of this passion led to the discovery of a new process for Clay. Cold pressing maintains the nutrients in the oil without using  high temperatures or chemicals to remove it. This method of production is what sets Oliver Farms apart from typical oil companies. Their oils are also non-GMO because they source organic and local ingredients to extract from. One of the first oils they ever made was from sunflowers grown right on the farm. Now, they offer a wide variety of different oils you can choose from.

oliver farms sunflowers


Oliver Farms also offers ground gluten-free flours. The flours are ground on site using leftover nuts and seeds from the extraction process. All of the flours are high protein and naturally gluten free. 


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