Almost a year in the making and we are so excited to announce HATponics as a Weekly Fig partner.

Located in Rossville, GA, HATponics is one of the world’s leading aquaponics farm, research hub, and sustainable agriculture education pioneer. We loved touring Hatponics and talking with CEO, Ryan Cox. This isn’t your typical CEO. Ryan is knee deep in operations, education and farming. Hatponics’ mission is to feed 20 million people by 2020 through portable aquaponic farming systems which can feed up to 500 people a day, provide jobs and education. They are on their way to their goal with hundreds of portable aquaponics farms already set up all over the world from right here in Chattanooga to South America to Africa and Asia. 

hatponicsFish and vegetables are raised together in a closed-loop system that is its own self-contained ecosystem. Fish raised in tanks naturally produce waste in the water which is pumped through plant beds where it is absorbed as fertilizer by the plants and filtered to return safely to the fish. There is no running water on this farm. Water is added annually, but aquaponics uses 10% of the water used in traditional farming methods.   Chief Biologist on staff, Emily Holmes says, “Fish and plant health as well as water quality is monitored daily to achieve optimum conditions for happy and healthy food production.”

HATponics is currently raising feeder fish in an effort to reach full sustainability and zero input in the near future. Currently, the diet consists of an organic feed, but they are working to create a fish meal using a combination of duck weed, feeder fish, and duck egg as a binder.

ryan plaintain

Yes, that is plantain right here in Rossville, GA

HATponics raises everything from leafy greens to herbs to fruit, including plantains. A small orchard is being planted in addition to the existing peaches, plums, nectarines, blackberries and more. A portion of the of profits from Weekly Fig purchases will go to support aquaponics farm at Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf and educational systems in Honduras. 

Look for HATponics produce in your Weekly Fig bags this week!


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