Boniato potatoes are similar to the vibrant orange sweet potatoes you’re used to. They have a less sweet taste and have the texture similar to a baking potato. They can even have a nutty flavor when cooked. Boniato potatoes are more common in Cuban and Latin American cuisines, but they are slowly gaining popularity in the states.

Why are they beneficial?

Just like traditional sweet potatoes, boniato potatoes have plenty of vitamins A and C which are important antioxidants. They are also rich in potassium and fiber. Boniato potatoes are low on the glycemic index which makes them a great carb for diabetics and those on a low sugar diet. 

When are they in season?

This variety of potato can be grown year round, so availability depends on farmers near you. 

How long will they keep?

If kept in a cool, dark place, potatoes will last for a week or two. You can also cook them in a large batch and store them in the refrigerator for three days as leftovers.

How do I prepare them?

You can cook boniato potatoes just like any other potato. The flavor will go with any dish that a normal sweet potato would go with. Here are some fun recipe ideas:


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