Bison Meat: Better than Beef?

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Bison used to freely roam the United States until they were over hunted. After many years, the bison population has sprung back and is now a popular grocery item. Many people believe it’s healthier than beef, but is that true?

Benefits of Bison

Bison is generally lower in saturated fat than beef, which has led many to decide that it’s overall healthier. Because of the low amounts of fat, bison meat is generally very lean in all cuts. Bison also has a large amount of vitamin B12 which is important for brain health and red blood cell formation. The B vitamins also work together to convert carbs into usable energy. Other nutrients bison has include iron, zinc, and selenium. Bison is more commonly found grass-fed than beef, simply because it is not as industrialized as the beef industry.

It It Better?

Although bison has gained popularity, it is not a “better” version of beef. They both have important nutrients that should not be overlooked. A well balanced diet that includes both of these sources of protein is best.

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