Dear Members,


We are really excited to announce some changes to Weekly Fig. Please read this letter all the way through as we will discuss our new Website, Substitutions, Referral Bonuses and Investing, Ambassador Status, Texting and Membership Dues.


New and Improved

We’ve been working on a new website for over a year now! It’s been painful, expensive and lots of hard work. Our intentions were to make ordering East Tennessee’s best home grown and artisan foods easier. We know that many of you have experienced some frustration over the last couple of years and we have too. Our new site is also more mobile device ready. Over the next coming week, you may discover some software bugs we are unaware of, so please let us know if you experience anything that seems broken. Please send an email to


We started Weekly Fig to give greater access to high quality local foods. From the beginning we’ve been extremely intentional in solving pain points we experienced in our own lives. Pain points like not having delivery, too much food, too little food, not enough variety, too many special items, not knowing what the special items are or what to do with them and having to go to multiple locations to get all our local goodies. We solved all these pain points by offering delivery, offering different box sizes, not giving the same produce two weeks in a row, not loading you down every week with things you’ve never heard of, offering meal plans and tips if you are not familiar with something and putting all the legwork into coordinating with 100 different local artisans to put all the the local goodies you need in one place: your front door. At last, we are able to offer substitutions. If you have preferences or allergies you can sign in and remove any item from your box and replace it with another item of equal or lesser value. WITH THIS NEW SITE, YOU MUST LOG IN AND MANAGE YOUR PREFERENCES AND ALLERGIES IN YOUR ACCOUNT. Please do not email a request or call with a request. You must log in and make the substitution.


Referral Bonuses

In case you haven’t heard, we increased the referral bonus to $25. This means that when a friend signs up for Weekly Fig and uses your name in the Referral Box during registration they will receive a $25 credit to their account, and so will you. This means you only need two referrals the entire year to cover your membership dues. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have either. If you only have one friend use your referral each week, you will earn $1300 over the course of the year. The last time we checked, you can’t get that kind of offer at any store or market, membership based or not.


Beet Coin

Let’s talk business. If you paid a visit to a wealth manager and asked them to invest your money you’d be doing pretty good to average a 10% interest gain over the course of a year. We have a better offer. Invest your money in your community and in your health and we’ll give you an immediate 10%! No waiting a year. We call it Weekly Fig Beet Coin and it’s simple. If you buy a $500 investment, we will add $550 to your account immediately. If you buy a $1000 investment, we will add $1100 to your account immediately. It’s a great investment for everyone.

Link to Beet Coin

Ambassador Status

We are launching a program that rewards our most loyal and reliable members. Ambassadors promote the Weekly Fig mission to provide more earnings to local farmers and artisans by committing more of their food budget to deliveries by Weekly Fig. Ambassadors share videos and pictures on social media and they tell their friends, family and coworkers about the benefits of Weekly Fig membership for their community and for themselves. We are appreciative of our members that offer this level of support, and we will say thank you with free gifts, discounts, exclusive options, priority event access and a free membership status.



We’ve had many requests to send text reminders about setting out returnables (totes, bags, jars, ice-packs, etc.) and regarding the ordering deadline on Friday at 1pm. We purchased a monthly service that gives us the ability to send you these text messages.

Text “WeeklyFig” to 33222 to receive general Weekly Fig news, updates and reminders

Text “WeeklyFigSpotlight” to 33222 to receive a link to sales, deals and featured partners and their products.


Minimum Orders and Free Delivery

As you know we are a small organization helping other small farmers and artisans reach homes like yours. One of the problems we wanted to solve when we started Weekly Fig was offering smaller farm boxes for those who needed less produce. We were also sure to offer 1,000 other local products in our market so everyone has convenient access to real local foods. It is absolutely necessary that each delivery carry a minimum $35 order in order for Weekly Fig to be sustainable. If you would like to make an order for less than $35, a $5.99 delivery fee will be collected to cover the cost. If you choose to save the delivery fee, you can also elect to pick up your order from the Weekly Fig Hub on the Orange Grove Center campus at 720 Arlington Ave, Chattanooga 37404 on Wednesdays between 10am and 2pm.


Returnable, Recyclable Packaging

Please please please return CLEAN totes, bags, jars, ice packs and anything that can be cleaned and reused. Set a reminder to set your returnables out on days you expect a delivery. We spend the extra money to have recyclable materials so we really need you to participate in the process. The cheaper option is a bunch of paper and plastic, and we don’t want that.



If you have a small business or organization in our community, please send us a paragraph about you, your project and your goals for the next year. We would love to feature you in our Member Spotlight. If you know of any great products in Chattanooga you would like to see delivered through Weekly Fig, please ask them to join our family by emailing


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your contribution to this amazing project with your membership. If you ever have an concerns, questions, suggestions or comments please reach out to us. If you use facebook we have a members only group called Weekly Fig Think Tank that is a great place to post questions, recipes, ideas, suggestions etc. You can also email us at


Anju, Nate & Michele

Co Founders

The Weekly Fig Co.