Goodbye and Thank you!

Dear Member,

As we say goodbye, we want to encourage you to continue to shop local and support local farmers and artisans as much as possible.


As of right now, there are not enough sign-ups for Stephen to continue drop service to Chattanooga. As you know, Stephen has been our Weekly Fig Herd Share partner. He provides an array of dairy products from cows, including but not limited to milk, cheese, and yogurt. If you would consider an on farm pick up, we encourage you to do that and possibly pool with other families in your area. You can sign up on the form below and we will help connect you with others if you are interested.


If you are looking for other herd share options, the following farms already have drop locations around town, and have contacted us to offer Weekly Fig members herd shares:


Fall Creek Farms offer dairy from cows; milk and cream. Drop schedule/locations: https://www.orchardhousecreamery.com/delivery-schedule-1


Hidden Haven Farm offers dairy from goat and cow; milk, yogurt and kefir. pick up on farm on Signal Mtn off Sawyer Pike or at Signal Mtn Farmers Market on Wed from 4-6:30pm


We are working with them to get you a waived/reduced cost for your herd share fees. If you are interested and would like for us to provide them with your contact information and your herd share status with Weekly Fig, please use this form. By providing your contact information, you are agreeing for the farmer or farmer’s agent to contact you directly to offer you more information. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLIWZdZiYq8mYFTamBJHDMBqniRUt3OLAcdtr3dznEWVEmWw/viewform



Many of you have expressed a desire to continue supporting us and asked about our future plans. While we can’t say for sure what the future holds, we do know our screening/vetting practices for farmers was a unique and highly trusted resource to our members. Maybe the future looks a little different than Weekly Fig as we know it today.


We do, however, believe there is a place for these vetting services in our community, especially as the trend toward local, healthy, and sustainable foods continues to grow.

We’d like to provide you with a few questions you can ask any farmer to ensure you are supporting the practices that are important to you.


Questions for the Farmers

For Dairy: Here’s a good blog post with some good basic questions.

https://littleseedfarm.com/blogs/news/questions-to-ask-your-raw-milk-farmer We would also add to this list to inquire about rotational grazing which is the optimal way to nourish dairy cows.


For Produce:

How do you fertilize? Avoid the word nitrogen, usually means synthetic.

How do you manage weeds, pests and disease? Things you want to hear: crop rotation, advantageous pests like ladybugs, praying mantis, compost, not using treated seeds..etc.
Do you grow all the products that you sell? Some farmers do not. Request the name and contact info of the other farmers.

What kind of soil do you use?

What chemicals are used?

Thank you everyone who has joined us on this most incredible journey. We’ve had a lot of good times, a few rough times, and learned a lot more than we ever saw coming our way! We’ll be taking a little bit of time off to re-energize, re-group, and figure out where we’re headed next. We look forward to seeing you out in the community.


Anju, Michele, Nate

Weekly Fig Co-Founders

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Meet the Author

Michele Reneau

Michele and her husband relocated to Chattanooga, TN from Charleston, SC in 2009. Leaving a successful real estate career upon relocation, and shortly after became a mom, she transferred her passion of helping people into health matters. She became a Certified Health Coach and enthusiast for local real food. Michele is the Chattanooga Chapter leader of the Weston A Price Foundation. The Reneaus who now have 4 children started a family farm in 2015 on Signal Mountain. Michele loves to cook, eat and teach others about real food.