Partner Spotlight: Bluff View Art District Bakery

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The Bluff View Art District Bakery is located in the historic Bluff View district near the Hunter Art Museum. It’s the definition of Chattanooga–historic, down to earth, and all about supporting small business. Andre Charitat, marketing manager for the Bluff View Art District says his favorite thing about Chattanooga is the sense of community that chooses to support local.

How It Started

The bakery was born out of necessity. Restaurants in the district needed a company to supply their bread, so they built their own. Now, the Bluff View Bakery supplies Tony’s famous garlic bread and sandwich bread for Rembrandt’s and the Back Inn Cafe.


Fresh is Bestbluff view bakery rack

Workers at the bakery arrive early in the morning each day to prepare the bread, so it is always fresh. They use quality ingredients, some of which come from their own garden. The rosemary olive oil bread calls for fresh picked rosemary sprigs. Since they make their bread every day, all of their products are free of preservatives or fillers, and that’s difficult to find in your average grocery store. The bakery has large viewing windows so customers can always see what’s going on in the kitchen.

Commitment to Sustainability

All of the food scraps and egg cartons from the bakery go into the compost pile in the garden. They use the compost to fertilize whatever they’re growing, which ranges from kale to green onions to herbs. They support local businesses as much as possible, so their products never have to travel far.

bluff view bakery garden

You can visit the Bluff View Bakery every day from 12 pm – 5 pm.

Or you can purchase their products on our website after you sign up for a membership with us.


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