Meet the Farmer: Sandabama Farms

Sandabama Farms

Sandabama Farms is located in Bryant, Alabama, 30 miles outside of Chattanooga. This family farm, headed by Sonny Pemberton has been using organic practices on his 90 acre farm for a while.  He currently has 15 acres
that are certified organic and  in the process of certifying another 15 acres.  This is Sonny’s second year providing produce to Weekly Fig.

What they offer

Sandabama Farms offers over 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables, including this week’s cabbage, kale, and greenhouse tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Weren’t they delightful?  You can find a list of the foods they grow in each season here.  We are excited to see more local produce variety available again!

Weekly Fig is a private membership association for local sustainable foods.

Meet the Author


Rachel Howard

Rachel is studying to become a registered dietician at UTC. She believes eating real food is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and loves to teach others about nutrition. Rachel enjoys planning healthy and tasty meals and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. She likes the challenge of trying to make classic family recipes healthier or learning new cooking techniques.