Weekly Fig’s Last Mission

Dear Members: We are writing to you with a heavy heart. As you know, we have been looking for a new space due to a sudden 30 day notice from our landlord. While we have found 2 potential spaces, there are some factors (namely location and cost) that do not make either the best option for the short or long term.

Weekly Fig co-founders (Michele, Anju, and Nate) have not taken a paycheck since we started. As you may or may not know, Nate has taken a full time job and Michele is due with baby #5 in 5 weeks. Anju would be unable to uphold Weekly Fig on her own, especially over the summer with 3 children and the expense of child care.

We have been looking for an investor and/or partner and have been unable to secure one in such a short time frame.  We have spent all our personal resources and can no longer sustain Weekly Fig on our own. Due to all the compounding factors at this time, we feel it is prudent for us to take it all as a sign… We fought as hard as we could with everything we had. Thank you to everyone for being a part of our lives and allowing us to be a part of yours, serving you and local farmers and artisans weekly.

Regretfully, this means our last delivery day is Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

We still have a large amount of “housekeeping” to do, namely everything we can for our farmers who have planted crops specifically for Weekly Fig members this growing season. All of that information is below. But quickly, we’d like to mention that we would still love your support at the hearing on April 2nd. As a reminder, the hearing is the USDA’s attempt to encroach on our rights to organize as a private group of like minded citizens. We have spent over $25,000 in legal assistance to defend our members food rights from the very first week of our existence in 2015.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 9:00 am

Federal District Court

900 Georgia Ave, Chattanooga on the 3rd floor.

Corner of Georgia Ave & MLK Blvd

Whether Weekly Fig is in operations or not, this issue is important and we hope and pray our efforts set a precedent for other food clubs and farmers across the country. This is an issue of food freedom, privacy and the right to assemble and associate with like minded people without unnecessary government interference over a basic right to choose our food quality.


Albert Martin from Martin Family Farms is our primary produce provider. We want to help him with additional avenues to sell the produce he has already planted for Weekly Fig Members.  Albert would like to offer CSA boxes at drop locations if there is enough interest.

We can utilize some of the businesses we are already using for pick up. We would also like to help Mountain Meadow Farms as well, for herd share products.  If you are interested in CSA and/or herd share pickup, please fill out the Google Form. We welcome you to include suggestions for additional pickup locations to be considered.  Please feel free to share with others.

Produce from Martin Family Farms is beyond organic. They do not use any chemicals at all! If we have helped our members in any way from this experience, we encourage you to never be afraid of asking farmers about their growing practices and visit when possible. Don’t take no for an answer. You have the right to know and understand what you are eating. Buying local is good, but keep in mind that it is not necessarily synonymous with chemical-freeOrganicdoes not mean chemical-free. Remember that free range eggs are not the same as pastured, and grass-fed meats are not the same as grass-finished.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you
Nate, Anju & Michele


Meet the Author

Michele Reneau

Michele and her husband relocated to Chattanooga, TN from Charleston, SC in 2009. Leaving a successful real estate career upon relocation, and shortly after became a mom, she transferred her passion of helping people into health matters. She became a Certified Health Coach and enthusiast for local real food. Michele is the Chattanooga Chapter leader of the Weston A Price Foundation. The Reneaus who now have 4 children started a family farm in 2015 on Signal Mountain. Michele loves to cook, eat and teach others about real food.